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14th of May

Foto door ALLAN FRANCA CARMO via Pexels

Another friday evening.

Enjoy the show ; we’re here until midnight!

7th of May

It’s friday again!

We’re here until midnight.


30th of April

The 30th of april used to be queensday, when we still had a queen in Holland. Now we have a king. We celebrated his birthday last week.

We’re going to play some music until midnight.


April 23; Late!

Unfortunately I’m late tonight!

I have to attend an online meeting, so I’m late.

This meeting probably ends between 21:00 and 22:00, then there will be music as every friday!

16th of April

Foto door Marinko Krsmanovic via Pexels

It looks like our curfew will last for two fridays; this and next week.

Let’s hope that visitors will also be allowed from then.

The numbers aren’t very good, but hopefully this changes in the coming days.

Anyway, we’ll play some music until midnight.


2nd of April

Foto door Matthias Groeneveld via Pexels

We’ve experienced the hottest day of the year until now, this week.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger with today. It’s horribly cold .

Inside we’re sitting by the fire, playing the music until midnight!


26th of March

The last day in wintertime. Tomorrow summertime will be here, and we’ll have an extra hour daylight in the evening.

The coronanumbers aren’t very hopeful, I hope this gets better soon.

Anyway, we’re here to play some music for you tonight.

Enjoy the show!

19th of March

It’s friday again!

We’re here until midnight. Enjoy the show!

12th of March

We’re here! a bit late as allways. The layout of my web editor looks different after an update. So no picture today, but music as always! We’re here until midnight!

5th of March

Foto door Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

The virus is still here, and the numbers aren’t going down fast. The curfew is still here, and that means a studio without any visitors.

We’re going to play music util midnight!