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On a saturday again. And exactly 20 years after 9-11.

Anyway, we’re going to make it a musical evening this evening.

Until midnight you’re invited to listen!

4th of September

No time to update the website.

I’ll be playing music however!

Enjoy the show until midnight!

27th of August

Foto door Wendy Wei via Pexels

Probably for the last time on a friday evening. It looks like my presence is needed elsewhere the coming weeks.

No need to be sad though! I’ll try to fill as much as possible saturday evenings with music.

So, from next week it’s Free Radio Emmen on Saturdays!

For this evening still on friday; enjoy the show!

20th of August

It’s friday again.

We’re going to make it a musical evening again.

Enjoy the show!

14th of August

There will be a show again tonight!

You’re invited to listen until midnight!


NO Show 13th of August

Foto door Pera Urosevic via Pexels

No show today!


I’ll write something tomorrow, SATURDAY 14th.

6th of August

Yes! Music again until midnight!

Enjoy the show!

30th of July

Foto door Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Holidays are over for some of us; for the people who have got the last thre weeks, the holidays are now beginning.

Anyway, music today until midnight.


9th of June

Foto door Lisa Fotios via Pexels

The last before the holidays!

The next three weeks, there will be no show.

Today however is the last before the holidays!

Enjoy the show until midnight!

3rd of July

Foto door Andre Moura via Pexels

Yes! We’re here!

Enjoy the show until midnight!