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January the 17th

Today another show as every friday. Listen with us untilmidnight. We’re experimenting with the title updates in the player. Hopefully we’ll have some luck..

10th of January

We’re here again! Listen with us until midnight. Please let us know if there’se a problem with this stream. For now the title updates in the browser / player aren’t working correctly yet. We’re working on that!

End of Radionomy

3rd of January. In the past week our stream provider Radionomy has ceased its activities. For us this meant we had to look for an alternative. For the few hours radio we make a week, it’s too expensive to apply for a licence. We’ve been looking for a provider who takes care of the license in exchange for some commercials. This has been found in Laut.FM. We’ll see if this is the right way; for the moment the program is broadcasted from Germany, and targeted at Dutch ex-pats living in the German border region. Have fun listening!

27th of December

Here again! Listen with us uintil midnight!

Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th today. Bisiness as usual for us. Listen to Free Radio Emmen from 20:00 until midnight.

22nd of November

Radionomy, who takes care of the payment of royalties and licences for our station, has announced to cease activities from the first of January 2020. This means we have to think of other ways to make the station heard. Finding a team to split the costs or, just returning to illegal transmitting and streaming being two of the options. It looks like there will be a transition period of one year being offered by Radionomy, so we’ll probably have some time. Anyway today there will be a show again. From 20:00 until midnight! So listen with us and enjoy the music!

15th of November

Today, as every friday, we’re here to play some music for you.. Until midnight you can listen to the music streamed via the internet. It seems all major radioportals have found Free Radio Emmen again, as we are listed on most of them. Anyway we saw an increase in listereners the last week. Listen with us until midnight!

8th of November

Radionomy kicked us of their platform this week. I’ve done my best to get the station up and running this week. Fortunately this turned out very well. The database wich is used by your web table radio unfortunately isn’t updated yet. So the only possible way to listen is via this website.

Furtermore I’ve lost my phone, so listeners who are used to contacting me via whatsapp or phone: I’m sorry but that doesn’t work for now. I’m sure I’ll find it back, so it’s probably just temaporary.

So listen with us untill midnight! 🙂


1st of November

It’s friday again!

As every friday, today we’ll play some music for you.

Listen with us until midnight!

25th of October

Nearly Halloween!! We’ll play some spooky music. Aswell as te regular program.

Listen with us till midnight!