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22nd of January

Again not much time to write…..

A lot happend in media land this week; we’ll just go on playing music.

Enjoy! Until midnight!

15th of January

No time for long stories. Just listen and enjoy until midnight!

8th of January

The 8th of January. It’s Elvis’ birthday.

In Holland, everything is still in lockdown.

Let’s make the best of it and enjoy the show.

1st Of January

Foto door cottonbro via Pexels

A new year, and hopefully a beteer one than the last.

We’re all in need of some more freedom, and possibilities to travel.

We’ll make it a nice show this newyear’s day.

Don’t forget to listen to Simone, tomorrow from 11:00 on this station!

Een nieuwe show

Luister mee op Zondag van 11:00 tot 12:00

Simone presenteert Goodmorning Sunday!

Lockdown again

We have another lockdown.

Other misery today is the mixer I use for broadcasting died today. The powersupply that is. A spare mixer was bought today, but this is only a temporary one, without soundprocessing.

So clean on the internet today.

Fortunately the listening numbers are going up! about 200! unique listeners connected to the stream last week.

Enjoy the show until midnight!

11th of December

Foto door Matthias Groeneveld via Pexels

Outside it’s getting colder and colder.

Inside the fire is burning, the glühwein is getting heated, and there’s music on the radio.

Enjoy today’s show until midnight!

4th of December

It’s cold outside.

Let’s try to keep you warm with some music.

We’re here for you until midnight again.

Enjoy the show!

27th of November

Another saturday evening!

We’re here to play some music for you!

Enjoy the show!

20th of November

No time to update the website today (too late). But music as allways! Enjoy the show on this saturday evening!