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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th of September. Tonight there will be a themed show once again. As it is fridat the 13th today, we would like to make this our theme for tonight. We haven’t thought of what and how to play, but we’ll probably manage to produce a nice show. Listen to us until midnight!

August 30

The last friday in august. So today, as every friday, there will be a new show. Listen via this website, or tehe large radioportals on the internet. Music till midnight, and the bar is open!

August 23rd

We’re back! Back from the UK, so time again for music on Friday evening!

Last one before the holidays

This is the last show before the holidays. After this one we’ll be away for two weeks. Liste till midnight on this 2nd of August!

19th of July 2019

Let’s begin with a coffee!

As every friday there’s a show tonight!

Stay with us till midnight!

12th of July

Today we’ll play some vinyl records for you! As every Friday we’re here till midnight, with lots of vinyl today! If you know how to find us, you’re more than welcome to come and get a drink. This evening the requestbox is opened as Always! Have fun!

Again no show

As we are away for the evening, we’ll not be able to do a show tonight. We’ll be back next week!

28th of June

Finally time for a show. Stay with us till midnight!

21st of June

Again no show today. Because of a party, we’ll not be able to do a live show. Next week we’ll be here defenately!

14th of June

Tonight there will be NO SHOW because of a birthday party we’re going to attend.