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24th of May

Sorry, but no show this week.

We’re out of town, so nowhere near the studio to make radio.

Back next week!

14th of May

Foto door Lisa Fotios via Pexels

Today is the day of the Eurovision song contest.

Maybe we’ll see some fragments of it.

The other time will be used for the show for this evening. We’ll do our best to make it a good one.

Enjoy until midnight!

30th of april

Foto door Dmitry Demidov via Pexels

In the past this used to be queensday. Lucky for us we celebrated kingsday this wednesday, otherwise we would’nt have had the day off.

A lot happened this week in medialand. Other than the death of dutch singer Hennie Vrienten, I will not give it much attention.

So enjoy the show, and the music!

We’re here until midnight.

23rd of april

Foto door Lisa Fotios via Pexels

It looks like the good weather is here to stay. And this wednesday is kingsday!

The bar is open! Listen to the music or pay us a visit!

The music is here until midnight anyway!


16th of april

What a beautiful day today!

And a big party for the local footballclub in the citycentre.

Listen to the music, we’re with you until midnight!

9th of april

Just back from a party. Anyway, still radio today! You’re welcome to the show! Listen until midnight!

26th of March

The sun continues to shine. It’s getting warmer everyday. We hope to make a nice show today. Perhaps one of the listeners is celebrating a birthday 😉

Anayway enjoy the show. We got a new mixer, so we hope everything works again as before!

18th of March

Busy times. We’ll try to do a show anyway. Enjoy the music until midnight!

12th of March

A beautiful sunny day today!

Let’s hope it stays this way the coming weeks.

We’re here with you till midnight.

Enjoy the show!

5th of March

Foto door Pera Urosevic via Pexels

NO show today.

Unfortunately I’ll not be able to do a show today.

I hope to be back next week!