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16th of september

Here again tonight!

After a week of absence we’re back!

We’ll try to entertain you with some music this evening.

Enjoy the show, we’re here until midnight.

2nd of September 2023

There it is again. Today is international beard day. Let’s see what we can dot with that theme.

Anyway, we’re here until midnight. The bar is open for a drink, but you can also enjoy the show at home.

Next week we’ll have to pass, but we’ll try to make this a good one.

26th of August 2023

A bit of a busy day today.

I’ll try to get some sleep before the show.

Anyway, we’ll try to make it a good one.

You’re invited to listen, make some requests, or stop by for a pint!

We’re here until midnight!

19th of August 2023

Saturday again!

We’re going to try to make it a good show again!

You’re free to make some requests, which we’ll certainly play!

Enjoy the show!

12th of August 2023

Today we had quite a heavy shower in which the entire studio was flooded. But after a day of hard work, we can now do the first broadcast since the holidays.

Everything is reasonably dry now, so that should work again.

Also laid a cable to the server, in the house now, so I hope everthing will continue to work.

If the sound quality can be improved, please let me know. Have fun listening then!

We’ll be there until midnight.

15th of July 2023

The last one before the “summer-stop”

So enjoy this show. We’ll try to make it a good one!

The coming next weeks we’ll be on holiday, and I’ll announce here when the next show will be!

Today we’ll be here until midnight!

1st of july!

The first of july already!

Next week there will be no show, so enjoy today’s

We’re here for you until midnight!

24th of june

No show today

Due to some other activities today, there’s no show.

We will be back next week though, that’s the 1st of july.

17th of June

Another hot day!

Haven’t done much today.

But there’s music.


3rd of june 2023

No time to update the site, but we’re here as regular!

Enjoy the show!