6th of March

Again a new show today. I’ll try to bring some new items to the show the coming weeks.

I wish everybody a good time listening! We’re here till midnight.

28th of February

Holidays are over, and we’re back! I’m going to try and bring the station back to how it all started years ago, so more presenting and information on the music.

Last week we were in the UK, and as allways, we managed to buy some vinyl records. So got something to play, wich we’ll do!

Live until midnight, we’ll try to make a good show!

Valentine’s day

It’s valentine’s day today. We’ll probably manage to find some appropriate music to this day. Listen with us!

7th of February

I’m not feeling very well today. So no show. Will be back next week!


Countdown to Brexit. At midnight the brexit process will commence. Lots of music from the United Kingdom today. Listen with us!

24th of January

Today it’s the 24th of January. It looks like it’s going to freeze outside, however, in our studio it will be comfy and warm. We’re playing music until midnight. If you know how to find us, you’re invited to come by and have a drink. As every Friday, we’ll try to do our best to make it a nice show..

January the 17th

Today another show as every friday. Listen with us untilmidnight. We’re experimenting with the title updates in the player. Hopefully we’ll have some luck..

10th of January

We’re here again! Listen with us until midnight. Please let us know if there’se a problem with this stream. For now the title updates in the browser / player aren’t working correctly yet. We’re working on that!

End of Radionomy

3rd of January. In the past week our stream provider Radionomy has ceased its activities. For us this meant we had to look for an alternative. For the few hours radio we make a week, it’s too expensive to apply for a licence. We’ve been looking for a provider who takes care of the license in exchange for some commercials. This has been found in Laut.FM. We’ll see if this is the right way; for the moment the program is broadcasted from Germany, and targeted at Dutch ex-pats living in the German border region. Have fun listening!

27th of December

Here again! Listen with us uintil midnight!