22nd of May

Foto door CDC via Pexels

As every friday, we’re here today to play some music for you. Listen with us and enjoy the music. Until midnight we’re here !

15th of May

Foto door Andre Moura via Pexels

15th of May. If it wasn’t for the coronavirus, tomorrow would be the day of the eurovision songcontest in Rotterdam. Maybe we can play some songs from previous songcontests. Anyway, we’re here until midnight.

1st of May

Foto door Vova Krasilnikov via Pexels

The first of May. We’re here to play the music. All night from eight until midnight. As always, a request is welcome. Listen with us this evening!

24th of April

We’ll we know what going on in the world. Hope this gets better soon. Anyway, we’re still going strong! We’re here until midnight!

17th of April

Spring is in the air! We’re here for you until midnight!

10th of April

Since the coronavirus still dominates the headlines, I had to choose between two subjects for todays picture. As you can see, I choose the easter eggs. Despite the coronavirus domination, it’s still easter. Hence this picture.

As every Friday, and as long as the virus hasn’t caught us, we’re here to play the music!

3rd of April

Foto door cottonbro via Pexels

Another week dominated by news about this Coronavirus.

If you’d like to hear a different sound, you’re invited to listen to Free Radio Emmen this evening!

From eight, until midnight, we’re here to play music!

27th of March

Foto door Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

Another week where the coronavirus has dominated the news. You’d almost forget our dutch singer Liesbeth List passed away this wednesday.

We’ll play some of her music.

For the rest; business as usual. We’ll be here until midnight!

20th of March

Foto door Miguel Á. Padriñán via Pexels

The new coronavirus still dominates the headlines.

Despite all this misery, we’ll try to make it a nice show.

Listen with us until midnight!

13th of March

Foto door Oleg Magni via Pexels

Well, the talk of the day. Enough music to play anyway. I think we’ll find some appropriate music to go with the news.

And then it’s Friday the 13th! So another theme to find some music to.

We’ll try to make a good show tonight. Listen until midnight!