13th of November

Another lockdown. It looks like this one will be with us for three weeks. We’ll try to keep the spirit up by playing some nice music this saturday evening.


6th of November

Foto door cottonbro via Pexels

Today is the day with the most new cases this year, So, a record. Also the day on wich we have again begun to cover our mouth and nose again in public spaces. Will it ever end ?

We’re trying to keep the spirit up, and make a musical evening again!


30th of October

Grunge style Halloween background with bats, jack o lantern and owl Designed by Freepik

Back after two weeks abcense.

We’re here for you until midnight. No special theme this evening. We’ll see what comes up.


9th of October

The last show for the coming two weeks. We’ll be in the UK from the 16th , where I’ll be having my birthday on the 17th.

Anyway, today there will be some music.

Enjoy the show until midnight!

24th of September

Foto door Robin McPherson via Pexels
Foto door Robin McPherson via Pexels

As my mother is having her birthday tomorrow, I won’t be able to do a show. Today however, I have some time left.

Enjoy the show, as before on friday, until midnight.

18th of September

On Saturday again.

We’re going to make it a musical evening again tonight!


On a saturday again. And exactly 20 years after 9-11.

Anyway, we’re going to make it a musical evening this evening.

Until midnight you’re invited to listen!

4th of September

No time to update the website.

I’ll be playing music however!

Enjoy the show until midnight!

27th of August

Foto door Wendy Wei via Pexels

Probably for the last time on a friday evening. It looks like my presence is needed elsewhere the coming weeks.

No need to be sad though! I’ll try to fill as much as possible saturday evenings with music.

So, from next week it’s Free Radio Emmen on Saturdays!

For this evening still on friday; enjoy the show!

20th of August

It’s friday again.

We’re going to make it a musical evening again.

Enjoy the show!