6th of November

Foto door Krisztian Kormos via Pexels

We’re all waiting for news from the Strates. Who’s going to live in the White House the coming years ? Anyway, there will always be a loser.

Marcel suggested some songs about losing. We’ll play some for sure!

30th of October

Grunge style Halloween background with bats, jack o lantern and owl Designed by Freepik

Music again! Listen with us until midnight!

23rd of October

Several artists passed away the last week. We’ll try to play some music of them.

Then, as always, music for you to enjoy until midnight!

16th of October

No time for a picture. There is a show however! Listen until midnight!

9th of October

Foto door Anna Shvets via Pexels

Here again! Until midnight!

Listen to the music!

20th of October 2020

20-10-20 After a week of absence, we’re back tonight, with hopefully a nice show! We’re here with you until midnight!

18th of September

Foto door Edward Eyer via Pexels

It’s friday again!

We play the music for you until midnight!

11th of September

Foto door Dids via Pexels

Music again on Free Radio Emmen.

We’re here as always until midnight.

Have fun!

4th of September

Apparently it’s cheaper to fly from Eindhoven via Dublin to Amsterdam, than it is taking the train.

Today we’ll try to play some music about aeroplanes and flying.

We’re here with you until midnight!

Have fun listening!

28th of August

It’s not been the best day ever for me. I spent most of the day sleeping. Wasn’t feeling very well today. During the day I felt better, however, I’m still a bit tiered.

We’ll see what the evening will bring, we’ll try to play some music anyway.