10th of May

Today there will be another show . We’ve cleaned up the bar, so everything looks cozy and tidy again. Listen to the show until midnight, or come round for a pint, the bar is open. A request is also welcome.

There are some troubles with the internet-radio portal, which relayed our signal over the internet. However if you use the links on this website to listen, then it should be possible to listen. I’ve adressed the problems with the radio portal, and that should be resolved next week.


Because of a show, we’re going to tonight in the local theatre; there’ll be no broadcast of Free Radio Emmen tonight. Next week we will be back!


Tomorrow is kingsday in Holland (birthday of our king). As every year the night before is kingsnight, with kingsparties everywhere. We’re trying to play some music related to kingsday. Suggestions are welcome via Phone, whatsapp or the “request” link on this website. We’re with you until midnight!

April the 19th

Since I have a very busy weekend / day there will be no broadcast of Free Radio Emmen today. The bar will be open for a drink, so visitors are welcome. Hopefully I’ll find some time sunday to play some music in the evening, then I’ll announce that here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


As usual we’re with you until midnight on this cold spring evening. Listen along to Free Radio Emmen! A request is alway welcome. To make a request click here.

5th of April

Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA) blows out 69 candles today. I think we’ll have a moment to play a few of her songs. Let’s make it a nice show this Friday evening!

22nd of March

We’re a bit later today. We’re off to germany for the nessecary groceries for the weekend. I think we’ll be an hour later. At about 10 o’ clock (21:00 in UK) we’ll be there.

Until midnight as allways!

March the 15th

Yesterday was international Pi-day (3,14) Let’s see if we can do anything with that. Anyhow, we’re here till midnight!

8 Maart 2019

This week I watched Leving Neverland on Channel 4.The testimonies of the interviewed people sound trustworthy, however I’ve got some questions on their motivation. $1.2 billion is quite a lot to ask for. We’ll never know if the story is true. Ophrah Winfrey also plays a strange roll in this whole story. A few years ago I watched an interview she had with Michael Jackson, in wich she sang a very different song!. I’ll keep playing Michael Jacksons records, they’re quite nice actually. However, I don’t play a lot of R.Kelly, I don’t really like it.

Tonight again till midnight!

A new month!

And a new website. Everything runs on a new webserver now. Unfortunately you’ll have to listen to a commercial message now and then. The costs for misuc rights and royalties are simply to much. You’re invited to listen to the music played this Friday the 1st of March 2019 until midnight!