17th of February. A short show

Another show tonight, but will stop at 23:00. (22:00 UK time)

I have an early morning tomorrow, so have to be out of bed at an eary hour.

Enjoy the show!

10 februari 2024

Het is weer zaterdag!

Vandaag best een vermoeiende dag beleefd, dus hopelijk houden we het vol tot middernacht.

We doen ons best uiteraard.

Luister mee, we gaan er weer wat van maken!

3rd of February 2024

Back again from our absence last week.

We’ll try to make it a musical evening.

Enjoy the show, we’re here until midnight.

20th of January

we’re here again!

Until midnight.

Enjoy the show!!!

Saturday the 13th of January

It’s still very cold.

Anyhow, we’ve put some logs on the fire so we can entertain you with the music.

It’s been awile since we’ve had a themed show, maybe time to do something about that for next week, we’ll see..

Today we’re with you until midnight.

Enjoy the show!

6 Januari 2024

Een nieuw jaar alweer! We gaan proberen er weer een muzikaal jaar van te maken.

Vanavond in ieder geval weer muziekjes tot middernacht.

Luister weer mee!

30th of December

I announced the last show of the year last week, that was wrong.

Tonight IS the last show of the year however.

Enjoy the show, we’re here until midnight!

23rd of December 2023

Foto door Bob SpringBob54: https://www.pexels.com/nl-nl/foto/glazen-kerstbal-reflecterende-kerstboom-306864/

The last one for this year.

And!!! we’re expecting some guests from the UK.

It’s going to be an evening to remeber.

Enjoy the show; we’re there for you until midnight!

9th of December

No time for a story, but show is on as usual.

Enjoy the show. Until midnight as always!

2nd of December

Temperatures outside are barely above freezingpoint.

We’ll try to keep you warm with some music.

Are chrismassong alowed yet ?

Enjoy the show. We’re here until midnight.